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Charlie Spot

Charlie is a London based mixed media artist. Currently he specializes his work through candid, arranged street and light box imagery. Using a mixture of photography and graphic design Charlie uses art as a medium to express his thoughts on society.
A key theme throughout his work includes the exploration of varying etiquettes and cultures from around the world. His most recent series uses antique book extracts which he combines with graphic 21st century Japanese imagery. Each antique has its own unique Japanese proverb that combines with the image to create a social commentary.

Solo exhibitions


“Japanese Proverbs” (Shoreditch, London)

Group exhibitions


Parallax Art Fair (Kensington Town Hall, London)
New Artist Fair (The Truman Brewery, London)
Young Masters Art Prize Exhibition (Pall Mall, London)


MITTE Projects Exhibition (Wynwood Arts 29, Miami)

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