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Elizabeth Prentis

Elizabeth (born in UK) lives and works in Lisbon. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts in 2016.

Prentis's painting practice explores societal gender expectation, sex, power- play, dominance and patriarchy. Bold and direct, Elizabeth's paintings are often confronting- challenging the audience on their own boundaries and expectations. Her usual practice straddles sculpture and performance. Choosing performance as a way to realise her sculptural works, she explores her struggle with the static nature of sculpture as a medium. This process can be tied to her painting style, working with big canvas' requires an active connection to the making process, becoming highly performative in its making stage which can be seen in the energetic mark making and gestural strokes. Prentis's hyper-sexual paintings are deeply personal, drawing on her own experiences her paintings are raw and blunt. Prentis hopes to encourage dialogue surrounding sex with her work; her openess and honesty surrounding sexual encounters, as a way to generate discussion / reflection on self and society.

Selected Exhibitions


"Lascivo: Solo Show" - Prisma Studio (Lisboa, PT)


"Apocalipse Never: Residency" - virtuellestheatre (Hamburg, DE)


GGG: Global Glitch Gardens - Performance residency, Centre of literature Virtuellestheatre (DE)

"Smorgasbord: art served buffet style" - Take courage Gallery (London, UK)

"I Don’t Like Broccoli, but I’ll try Anything Once" - Lungley Gallery (London, UK)

"Jelly Flip 1, Absinthe 2" (London, UK)

"Baggabe" - Take courage Gallery (London, UK)

"Bad artPresents: Fandom" - Bones & Pearl Studios (London, UK)


"Pollyfilla/Ham. Does it Stick?" - A.P.T Gallery (London, UK)


"Slime/Schleim" -  Virtuellestheatre Collective, Transeuropa Fluid Performance Art Festival (DE)

"Draft 2" - Gebilde Collective (London, UK)

"Völuspà : Location Analysis" - Virtuellestheater, ACUD Gallery (Berlin, DE)

"Hot August Nights, From Across the Pond & Underneath the Algae" - BLAM Projects Gallery, DG14 Collective, (Los Angeles/California, USA)


"Draft" - Peckham Culture Festival (London, UK)

"Residency Adventure + Going Native" - Omelchenko Gallery (Moscow, RUS)

"Concrete Queens: Space 1" - Gallery H.L.U.M (Voronezh,RUS)

"Concrete Queens: Space 2" - Voronezh Centre of Contemporary Art (Voronezh, RUS)

"Let the Dust Settle" - Crypt Gallery (London, UK)


"Aggregate" - The Yard (London, UK)

"Mash" (London, UK)


"Slippers 2" - Maverick Projects (London, UK)

"SUÐ" - Dieter Roth Foundation Residency (IS)

"Overflow" (IS)

"Hvað ertu að gera , Poncho Ladies?" - Listaháskóli Íslands (IS)

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