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       Meraki is a Greek word that means: to do something with the soul, love or creativity; putting part of yourself in every detail, in everything you do.  

        It is with this motto that gives the name to the project, that our team intends to constitute a new focus of creation and diffusion of contemporary art in Portugal. Our action plans work essentially in 3 areas:

-The sale of contemporary artworks, displayed virtually on our website, and physically on our gallery;

-The creation of interior design and decoration projects, where we create environments customized to the client's taste and needs.

-The agency of artists and their works, having a set of activities and services that aim to promote artists in the art market; through the curatorship, evaluation, conservation, and restoration of the works; besides an artistic and cultural consultancy service.

In addition, Meraki will have programs for exhibitions, art shows, and events such as performances, concerts, book launches, and workshops.

20200827-_DSC6675 (1).jpg

Room view, at Meraki Contemporary

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