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Can Pekdemir

Can Pekdemir is a Turkish artist, born in 1982, working and living in Istanbul. Worked as a full-time instructor in Visual Communication Design Department of İstanbul Bilgi University between 2006 and 2012. Now working as a part-time instructor at Bahçeşehir University. Represented by The Empire Project Gallery
His studies are focused on reconstructing and deforming the bodies by either altering the physical conditions in which the entity exists, and/or treating them as test subjects for virtual experiments while reshaping the systems we now have and thus documenting the evolvement in time. He tries to observe how the surface anatomy will react, resist and reshape while the inner systems -muscular, skeletal, tissue etc.- are behaving differently from the way they are accustomed to. His endeavour is not only to document the physical changes, but also to capture the emotional state of the subjects under various conditions.

Solo exhibitions

“Above the Clavicle: Works on Bodily Forms I” - The Empire Project (Istanbul, TUR)

Group exhibitions

“Still Human” – Colección Solo (Madrid, ESP)

Bashibazouk vol.4 - EKAVART Gallery & The Empire Project (Istanbul, TUR)
Akaretler Artweek III - The Empire Project (Istanbul, TUR)
Akaretler Artweek II - The Empire Project (Istanbul, TUR)

Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, TUR)
Sydney Contemporary - Yavuz Gallery (Sydney, AUS)
Art Stage Singapore - Yavuz Gallery (Singapore)

Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, TUR)
Unseen Photo Fair (Amsterdam, NL)

Bashibazouk vol.2 - The Empire Project (Istanbul, TUR)
Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, TUR)
Laboratory of Life - Sanatorium (Istanbul, TUR)

Interviews, Articles and Contributions

“See Yourself X Madeline Schwartzman” - Black Dog Publishing, September 
“Anatomy Rocks: Flesh and Bones in Contemporary Art” - Cernunnos Publishing, October 
Thnk Tnk Magazine, Artistic Contribution, April (GER)
Wired Magazine, Supporting Visuals, April (Japan), Artist Spotlight, March (Canada)
Bone Magazine, February (TUR)

Supporting Visuals for Psikeart Magazine (TUR)
The Guardian, July (UK)
Istanbul Art News, June (TUR)
Lazagne Magazine, January (IT)

“The Malaise of Substance: Can Pekdemir and Filippos Tsitsopoulos” - Turn on Art March (ESP)
Faint Magazine March (AUS)
Featured in Fubiz (FR)
Featured in Juxtapoz Magazine (ESP)

Talk Magazine, August (BE)
Bant Magazine, March (TUR)
3D Artist Magazine, February (UK)
Featured in Fubiz (FR)
Featured in Juxtapoz Magazine (ESP)

Featured in Juxpapoz Magazine (ESP)
Quotation Magazine, December (Japan)


Empire Project Gallery (Beyoglu/Istanbul, TUR)

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